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Our team at Easemend is dedicated to supply the consumer a superior quality product that provides fast pain relief at an affordable cost.  Our products are formulated to aid in the relief of – pain, discomfort, inflammation, joint stiffness, swelling, sore muscles, and bruising. We believe that you will benefit by using our product.

Easemend will be available at leading pharmacies nation wide.  If your local pharmacist don’t have stock on the shelves, please ask your friendly pharmacist to order Easemend or to contact Easemend. 

Send an email with your contact details and the pharmacy you asked for Easemend. You will receive a free sample of product for your assistance in making Easemend available at your local pharmacy. 

Alternatively, please order online from our website and we will arrange delivery so that you may experience the amazing benefits of this wonderful product. Let’s go into this wonderful time of the year without pain, but rather with ease and more energy.  

Alternatively please send us an email at and we will contact you to make arrangements for delivery early in the week. 
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